Ensemble Bürler
Vol. I
(Face Music Switzerland, 2000)

Ensemble Burler consists of three young people from the Kosh-Agash area of Kazakhstan. This mountainous area borders with Mongolia and China. The formally trained trio -- two men and a woman -- performs traditional folk songs from their homeland, as well as some contemporary music of the area.

Vol. I contains 30 such songs. Using only traditional instruments -- mainly the dombra, a two- or three-stringed lute-like instrument with a long neck -- the trio of singers and musicians maintains the methods and peculiarities handed down over time when performing. The lyrical melodies of the songs are a nice contrast to the lack of a melody line in the instrumentals ... due to the limited availability of notes.

Ensemble Burler is Shanajdar Nursalijev, Jerkin Ashimkanov and Gulshat Ashimkanova. Along with translations to the songs, the liner notes provide the listener with a little geographical and historical information of the area.

- Rambles
written by Sherrill Fulghum
published 28 January 2006