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Old Turkic alphabet

One of the earliest recorded Turkic scripts was called "Orkhon Runes", it was found in Mongolia in the upper Orkhon River valley.

These Turkic runes evoke comparison with the Futhark or Germanic runes, their style, however, being more the result of carving texts into hard surfaces.
The alphabet was used by the Göktürk and other early Turkic tribes from at least the 8th century to record the Old Turkic language belonging to the group of the Altaic language family. Later on, this language und this script were used by the Uighur people.

A Yenisei variant is known from the beginning of the 9th century of the Kyrgyz people, and it was also used in the Talas Valley of Turkestan and in the old Hungarian script of the 10th century. The letters were usually written from the right to the left

The Orkhon variant dated 8th century:
The Yenisei variant dated 9th century
The Futhark or Germanic runes
Table of characters - Old Turkic alphabet
December 2010 – Albi