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  • Traditional music of the Bantu from Uganda - Twins rituals

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P & C December 1998
- Face Music / Albi

- last update 03-2016

- FM 50057 - P & C 2013

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With members from the Naggalabi Indigenous Theatre (NIT), a community of artists with a centre in Naggalabi for local, traditional and contemporary arts and crafts. The institution was founded by Sylvia Namulema Kigula and Eric Jjemba Lutaaya and is located in Nsangi su county Wakiso district, Uganda

- Sylvia Namulema Kigula - lead voice, backing voice, yodelling (eggono), ullulation, handclapping (engalo)

- Ritah Kobusinge - lead voice, backing voice, embuutu (big drum), namunjoloba (small drum), yodelling (eggono), ullulation, handclapping (engalo)

- Israel Kalungi - embuutu (big drum), engalabi (long drum), ullulation, handclapping (engalo), backing voice

- Eric Lutaaya Jjemba - lead voice, backing voice, embuutu (big drum), engalabi (long drum), namunjoloba (small drums), ensaasi (shakers), ebinyege (rattles), ullulation, handclapping (engalo) and voice of the lead god (possesed)

- Produced by Urs-Albert "Face Music"
- Recorded & mixed by Fizzè at Studio Mensch, CH-9476 Weite SG - October/November 2012
- Mastered by Hansjürg Meier, Tonspur AG - May 2013
- Cover front: abolongo-ring - cover back: medcine man house – all photos: by Albi
- Art concept & layout by Albi

Many thanks to Sylvia Namulema Kigula and Eric Jjemba Lutaaya with the texts
and Hermelinde Steiner for helping with the translation.
Many thanks for the good soul by Rolf Zimmermann for his kindly help.

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