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  • Ensemble Ülger - Altyn Köök - Vol. V - Traditional songs of the Khakas people

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P & C December 1998
- Face Music / Albi

- last update 03-2018

- FM 50066 - P & C 2018
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- Altyn Tan Tayas:
voice, küngür-khomys (lute), khobyrakh (flute)

- Tülber Pögechi:
voice, topchyl-khomys (lute)

- Tagir Asochak:
voice (khai in kharygha style), yykh (fiddle)

- Aycharkh Sayn:
voice (khai in küülip, kharygha and syghyrtyp styles), chatkhan (wooden box zither)

- Lunic Ivanday:
voice (khai in kharygha style), syylas (flute), timir-khomys (jew‘s harp), tüür (frame drum, shaman's drum)

- Mirgen Irgit:
voice (khai in küülip and syghyrtyp styles), khobyrakh (flute), khongyros (leather rattle), sang (hand bell), sangyros (rattle with metal rings), müüs (horn rattle), khazykhtar (sheep knucklebones), tuyghakhtar (horse hoove clapper)

- Produced by Urs-Albert "Face Music"
- Recorded & mixed by Fizzè at Studio Mensch, CH-9476 Weite SG - 2017
- Mastered by Hansjürg Meier, Tonspur AG - February 2018
- Cover front: photo of Khai-ballet "Altyn Köök" – cover back: photo of Mirgen Irgit – wedding of relatives Mirgen Irgit's mother, early 1980s, Arshanar aali (Arshanovo) Altai aimaghy. and other photo of the Ensemble by Albi - from left to right: Altyn Tan Tayas, Tagir Asochak, Albi, Lunic Ivanday, Aycharkh Sayn, Mirgen Irgit and Tülber Pögechi
- Art concept & layout by Albi

Many thanks to Liesbet Nyssen and the members from the Ensemble with the texts
and Hermelinde Steiner for helping with the translation.
Many thanks for the good soul by Rolf Zimmermann for his kindly help.

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