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  • Ensemble Khreshchaty Yar - Vol. II - Traditional songs from the Ukraine

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P & C December 1998
- Face Music / Albi

- last update 03-2016

- FM 50032 - P & C 2002
more information: songs - in German    

- Volodymyr Budz (leader): voice, bandura (type of psaltery), accordion, sopilka (Ukrainian duct flute, 30-40 cm long, with 6 fingerholes), tylynka (large end-blown flute without fingerholes made of a 60-80 cm long metal tube), frilka (small duct flute with 6 fingerholes made of a 20-50 cm long metal tube), sosulya (vessel flute, uses to imitate bird calls such as that of the cuckoo), little bell
- Volodymyr Biletsky: voice, soloist, drum, buben (frame drum)
- Valentyna Bogdanova: voice, soloist
- Ivan Volynets: voice, soloist
- Valery Golub: folk fiddle
- Vasil Palanjuk: voice, tsymbaly = cimbalom (hammered dulcimer), sopilka (Ukrainian duct flute), tylynka (large end-blown flute without fingerholes made of a 60-80 cm long metal tube), dvodenzivka (double duct flute), rebro (pan pipe), sosulya (vessel flute or cuckoo), drymba (jew’s harp), bukhalo (drum), spoons, bottles and washboard
- Anatoliy Kurylo: voice, soloist, drum, "hupalo" ("hooter")
- Yuri Berbenyuk: double bass

- Ivan Tkalenko: bandura

- Produced by Urs-Albert „Face Music“
- Recorded and mixed by Arkadij Vikhorev, Studio „Arkadia“, Kiev - Ukraine - July / December 2001 and March 2002
- Mastered by Hansjürg Meier, Tonspur AG, CH-8730 Uznach, March 2004
- Cover: front „Wedding“ – Design by Maria Pryjmatschenko from Bolotn’a (Kiev region); back „Koladnyky“ (people sing koladka = Christmas carols – design by Anastasia Rak; photos by Volodymyr Budz and Albi
- Art concept & layout by Albi

Many thanks for helping go to the good souls of Khreshchaty Yar, Regina Hunziker, Zimi, Hermelinde Steiner and Silvia Delorenzi-Schenkel for helping with the translation.

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