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  • Camel Road - Sharkiat - The Off-Beat from Cairo

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P & C December 1998
- Face Music / Albi

- last update 03-2016

- FM 50014 - P & C 1996
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Fathy Salama (ep, tara), Hossam Shaker (kanun), Ayman Sedky (perc), Gaafar Hargal (bongos), Ramadan Mansour (tabla, dof)

Special Guests:
Kamil Erdem (eb) - Asia minor, Ankara, Turkey, Fekry Sabry (hi-hat), Mohamed Mostafa (rababa). Mohamed Fouda (nai, kawala), Mostafa Abd El Nabi (viol), Mamdouh El Gebaly (oud), Moustafa Abd El Azyz (argoul), Husenien Hendy (mezmar), Ali Klay (sagat, toura), Nashat Yehya (rik), Gamalat Shiha (voc), Mamdouh Byrm (voc), Tarek El Zyn (tanboura), Somya Hassan, Khalda El Gnyd, Zynb El Horys, Abd El Hady Mohamed, Hamed Mousa (Sudanese - voc)

- Produced by Fathy Salama and Urs-Albert "Face Music Switzerland"
- Recorded in Cairo by Nayf at Soat El Hob studio, June 95 and by Agab at Ali Sharf studio, July-October 95
- Mixed by Fizzé and assisted by Fathy Salama with Hossam Shaker at Studio Mensch, CH-Weite SG, November 95
- Mastering by Hansjürg Meier at Studio Tonspur, Buchs SG - November 95
- Fotos for cover by Albi
- Art concept &layout by Albi

Fotoss Aritsts Sharkiat

- This album is dedicated to the soul of Ilaria Alpi whom we lost in Somalia -

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